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Private Transportation

Your child’s safety is a paramount responsibility for all of us. To get our students here uninjured, we strive for 100% compliance with our traffic rules at school. Please do not let your need to save time tempt you to disregard the rules and put children at risk. 

When dropping off and picking up your children at Oak Heights, there are only two safe choices:

1. Park in a spot (south lot) and walk them in.

2. Use the south lot and drop them safely onto the sidewalk in the drop-off lane.

As you enter the lot from Oak Road and turn right to make the loop:

  • The right hand lane next to the sidewalk is designated as the “stop, drop and roll lane. Pull over to the right against the sidewalk curb as far forward as possible and drop your student off, preferably from the passenger side. Exit as quickly as possible. Do not park and leave your car in this lane.
  • As you come around this same loop, do not use the left lane to stop and let your children out of the car. This creates a potentially hazardous situation with children crossing from the left lane in front of moving cars. The same potential exists in the afternoon if parents stop in that left lane and children cross from the sidewalk to the car, again in front of moving cars or cars pulling out from the stop, drop and roll lane.
  • If the stop and drop lane is full, do not pull over and park in the left lane. Instead, proceed on through and make the loop again. Do not allow your children to cross in front of moving traffic. The other option is to find a marked parking place and accompany your child to the sidewalk.
  • Please do not drop students off on 18th Avenue West. Because it requires parents to drive on the pedestrian walkway, it creates a situation of extreme risk to our students.

The bus turnaround will be restricted to busses only from 8:10 AM to 8:50 AM and from 2:15 PM to 3:25 PM.

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