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VISITING SCHOOL - All visitors must check in at the school office.

Our school is your school – we welcome visitors. All visits should be pre-arranged through the teacher and/or principal. Our goal is to maintain a positive and productive classroom environment. Parents are often interested in visiting school to observe their child. We invite and encourage parents to make classroom visits. 

In order to ensure safety and academic continuity, we ask the following:

1. Parents should contact the teacher prior to their visit. Please come at a time of day when the work you want to see is most likely to be going on. Remember you will be seeing a very small segment of a unit of work, which may have been in progress for many days and may continue for some time.

2. All visitors need to stop by the office before going to the classroom and sign in. We ask that you wear a guest badge while on campus.

3. Please make an appointment for a private conference if you wish to discuss your child’s progress.

4. Look for the following points which are indicators for your child’s success in school:

a. Ability to listen

b. Independent work habits

c. Success while working with others in group activities

d. General attitude – Is your child happy and well-adjusted?

e. Attitude toward suggestions or comments by the teacher

f. Willingness to cooperate and share with the group

5. Parents who question classroom practices, student’s achievement/growth or teacher/child relationships should first request a conference with the teacher. It is often advisable to include your child. It is best to work out concerns with the staff member closest to the problem.

The School Board has the following agreement with its employees regarding school visits.

It is recognized by the parties that the patrons of the District have the right to observe the educational program of the District. Patrons visiting a classroom shall obtain the approval of the Principal. The time will be arranged after the Principal has conferred privately with the employee.

Upon request of an employee, the building administrator shall schedule a conference between the patron and the employee.

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